Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review complete specs pros & cons

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Review

Above all xiaomi makes some of the best value for money smartphones that you can buy in India.

However the company also manufacture a range of audio products including sound Bass headphones earphones and wireless speakers.

For the more you know that Xiaomi is famous for its budget smartphone similarly to that it’s audio product are also in the affordable price range.

Talking about the xiaomi outdoor speaker it is the latest product launched by MI.

MI outdoor Bluetooth speaker 5W Comes in a small square shaped body.

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker



Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker SPECIFICATION

Features Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • Portable speaker, with a great power of use thanks to its 52 mm speaker with powerful bass and high quality highs.
  • Easier and more stable connection, thanks to Bluetooth v5.0, the latest version of the transmission system.
  • Weatherproof, as it has IP55 certification that gives it great resistance to splashing.

Technical specs Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Model: Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
  • Power: 8W
  • 52mm speaker
  • 2 high precision microphones
  • Connection
    • Bluetooth: v5.0
    • Certificate: HFP / A2P / AVRCP
    • Transmission distance: 10m
  • Certificate IP55
  • Battery:
    • 2600 mAh lithium
    • Duration: up to 8 hours of music
  • Measurements and weight
    • Dimensions: 14.7 x 7.3 x 7.3 cm (height x width x depth)
    • Weight: 380 gr
    • Color: Black

Package content

  • Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker x1
  • USB-C charging cable x1
  • User Guide x1

Design and build

MI outdoor IPX5 Bluetooth speaker has premium fit and finish.

There is no doubt that the design is inspired by the Google Home Mini.

It has the same mesh fabric design on the front.

Furthermore the speaker has rubber housing on the sides and the back panel which really looks great.

There is also a stretchable carry strap at the top of the speaker which really makes it very easy to carry around without keeping it in pocket.

Covered outdoor specifies that the speaker is designed in a way to be used in all weather conditions the speaker has ipx5 rated water resistance giving it better protection from the elements real and simulated.

The ipx5 rating suggests that the speaker  can easily survive low pressure water Jet spray.

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

However you have to be careful when you are around pools of water because MI Outdoor Bluetooth speakers aren’t rated to be fully submerged in water.

However when we work using fabric cover over the speaker driver it did manage to to keep water out even under a lightly following tap.

The rubber covering over the button saves the electronics inside the MI outdoor bluetooth speaker from letting water sneak in. 

Also there is a tight rubber flap that protects the micro USB port along with 3.5 mm socket when they are not in use.

Talking about the size of outdoor bluetooth speaker:

 it is small and very easy to handle thanks to an elastic strap at the top and a rubber base which lets the speakers stay planted on most flat surfaces

You can also use these straps attached to the MI outdoor bluetooth speaker for hanging purpose.

Furthermore under the fabric top layer there is a single 5W speaker driver with a battery.

Moreover talking about buttons and ports

Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

MI Bluetooth outdoor speaker office standard button configuration there is a play and pause button power button with an LED indicator on the sides, also there are volume rockers on another site.

Talking about its operations

Press volume button to answer and incoming call and hold for 2 seconds if you want to reject the call.

You can also in both the phones voice assistant by just pressing play/pause button twice.

You can also shuffle the track by simply holding the volume button for 2 second

For switching on/off the speaker you have to hold the power button for around 2 seconds.

Furthermore the connectivity is very fast as soon as you power on the switch it automatically gets connected to any available Bluetooth which it has been paired with earlier. 

Moreover the LED indicator blinks blue colour light to notify you about the pairing mode. 

However you can only rely on the LED lights to get notified about the battery status of your speaker.

The aux and the charging port are sealed under the rubber Lid.

MI Outdoor Speaker Battery Life

 there you friend 2000 MH battery that promises 20 hour of use on a single charge however we were able to get 15 hours with the device playing at high volume which is considerably pretty good for a speaker of this size.

My system for MI outdoor bluetooth speakers is so good that the speaker will notify you with voice from when the battery reaches around 20% mark however there is no audio from if you plug the speaker to refuel the battery cell.

best speakers take a bit long to get fully charged, MI bluetooth speaker take around 3 hours to get charged from drained to 100%

 MI outdoor Bluetooth speaker sound quality

 Above all this outdoor speaker looks very compact and has a single speaker driver.

However this figure is loud, punchy and fun.

Talking about this sound it is so driven and bases really happy to listen and it really work well with fast exciting tracks such as with SONG.

For the best sound quality you have to keep the volume all the way up, furthermore best speaker sounded pretty good, even at 85% volume level.

However if it took about lower volume areas we felt like it was losing all of its drive.

Listening to the songs like Joel Corry – Lonely we loved how the speaker rumbled as the base started to kick in.

One more thing regarding the base, to get most of the base You need to keep it on a thick or hard surface while if you keep it on soft material it will lose  it’s punch out of the sound. 

Overall we experience crisp sound and what is distinct and clear throughout the track.

When we first listen to this song “Graves Into Gardens“, we were impressed with how sharp and define the sound was

Unlike most other compact devices in this price range the Amaya outdoor produces a clean even sound that offers good bass and treble.

Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Furthermore the mids were also shiny.

Xiaomi MI outdoor speaker Performance

You can carry xiaomi outdoor Bluetooth speakers anywhere with you on trips or you can use it by pools and you don’t have to worry about the water because it can easily take a water splash.

However we find out that xiaomi MI outdoor speakers are more capable inside in comparison to outside that might disappoint a lot of potential buyers.

Saying that let’s talk about its volume capacity,  xiaomi outdoor speakers are a lot more capable Indoor, it’s loud enough for a small room and more than sufficient for personal listening along with your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Even more there is an inbuilt microphone so you can use it for  hands free call.

Talking about the voice call quality it was pretty decent on both sides, for this price.

Finally xiaomi outdoor bluetooth speaker verdict

About all this palm sized MI bluetooth speakers make for a perfect travel companion.

The bluetooth speaker has a compact design with loop string and ipx5 rating that suits an active outdoor lifestyle. 

Xiaomi outdoor Bluetooth speakers are affordable wireless speakers and they haven’t disappointed us at all.

 Also they are really fun as marketed for Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker outdoor.

Mi pros and cons

The speakers look very good and well built and they offer a bit more than just water resistance and a lot more than other wireless speakers in the same price range.

While there are also brands like boat JBL and Philips in the same price range which we can consider but xiaomi MI outdoor bluetooth speaker is way ahead than them in this particular price range.

Above all the sound quality is really amazing, we highly recommended using this entry level wireless speaker.

Xiaomi MI speaker outdoor pros and cons


  • High build and design quality
  • IPX5 water resistance
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Great battery life


  • There is nothing like that we found during the testing

Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker price range and release date 

MI audio Bluetooth speaker has been launched in India in February for rupees 1399.

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