Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review with pros & cons, audio quality, battery

Above all, if you are thinking about buying an ear phone with tremendous features than Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be your first choice.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Also last year, the Galaxy Home was announced by the company and along with it the Gear Icon-x and Wireless ear phones were launched.

After this the company is launching the Galaxy Buds to compete with Apple’s air-pods.

Apart from the smartphone market, the company has also expanded its portfolio of other products to compete with companies in other sectors.

Samsung company, a South Korean smartphone manufacturer, launched S20, S20 +, galaxy Z FLIP at its galaxy unpacked event, in San Francisco, along with it the company has also introduced its new earphones Galaxy Buds Plus.

However, it can be said that Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an update version of Samsung Galaxy Buds, Whose design has been kept the same as the old design but some changes have been made in its features.

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Above all using these air phones with Samsung smartphones, they take outstanding performance due to top-notch use.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are tremendous which are also a bit beneficial when used with non-Samsung smartphones and tablets. 

It also seem to be more capable, flexible than the Galaxy Buds.

It would be best to pair it with Samsung S20 series smartphone’s for truly amazing results.

Furthermore, many offers have also been provided by the Samsung company on purchasing smartphones and ear birds together. 

However it lacks standout features like eliminating active noise, raising suspicion of buying or not buying it.

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  • Dimensions :  0.7×0.9×0.8 inches
  • Weight (earbuds, charging case) :   6.3g, 39.6g
  • Battery Life :  11 hours in single charge(only   Buds), 22 hours (charging case),  85mAh
  • Colors :   Red, White, Black, Blue
  • Sensor :  Accelerometer, Hall, Touch, IR
  • Compatibility :  Samsung, other Android : Android  5.0  & higher or RAM 1.5 GB or above
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0 Codec: scalable (Samsung    proprietary), SBC & AAC
  • OS  : RTOS
  • AP :  BCM43015
  • In the box :   Galaxy Buds Plus, Charging case, Charging cable (USB Type C), Earbuds, Wingtips, Ear-tips, QSG


This earphones is more powerful than before which comes with extra features and also made slightly better than before.

Furthermore after wearing them you do not feel at all that you are wearing anything in your ear.

Samsung earbuds come in smooth and circular designs.

These earphones are comfortable to wear and fit easily so that they can also be used for a long time. And if you are not comfortable with their wings, then it also comes with plain rubber wings which can be changed and used easily.


Even more the admirable things which includes are:

  • Galaxy buds plus does not hang out from your ears.
  • Even more there earphones are being made available with a luxurious finish like the Galaxy Buds instead of the normal looking matte finish.
  • Its charging case is also kept same as the previous charging case, that luxurious look.

You can also be sure what a long press gesture would do? So you can also use it to control the volume. So you can make volume adjustments through these Which includes it with very good quality earphones.

Also you get Bluetooth 5 with AAC, SBC, scalable Bluetooth codecs to connect ear phones.

Taking about aptX codec, it’s not supported yet.

These earphones support less devices other than Samsung devices. Which means that it is good to take advantage of these earphones with recent Samsung’s device.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus 3 colors are being made available in beautiful colors Black, Blue and White


  • dimensions: 0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8 inches size.
  • weight: earbuds- 0.2 ounces , Charging Case- 1.4 ounces

The front of the earphones has an indicator light and a USB Type C port for charging on the back.

Even more it comes with a subtle and stable wing device at the top of each bud that protects the earbuds in your ears. Also these earphones come with three wings pairs & silicone ear tips.

Accelerometer, IR, Hall & Touch etc type of sensor is available in Buds Plus.

Even light rain reduces the chances of the Galaxy Buds Plus of working well. Because it is rated by IPX2 as these earbuds does not support water resistance.


Samsung Buds Plus also has touch control for supported functions, which is nice and easy.

You can move to the next and previous track with touch control or also control playback.

 Samsung Buds Plus case and display
Samsung Buds Plus case and display


Above all each side of the earphone has a woofer and a twitter that covers the frequency range.

Furthermore with this it has a dual dynamic driver system. Which is a big change in the earbuds drivers and microphone.

In Galaxy Buds Plus earphones you get three microphones, two external and one internal. Which eliminate the surrounding voices, also improving the calling quality.

Along with this, all three microphones also provide better voice quality in comparison to older variant. The sound is tuned by Samsung’s subsidiary company AKG.


Above all as we have said earlier, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is a upgrade version of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Which holds very few changes such as in some features, specifications and design.

Due to its triple microphone system for great voice call performance and also a new dual dynamic driver system that greatly enhances its sound quality.

Also a new revamp was made in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, in which the Galaxy Buds Plus appeared to work very well on non-Samsung smartphones as well.

According to some tests, it also has a scolable Bluetooth codec similar to aptX & LDAC.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus sounded great when listening to high resolution audio track, YouTube music & streaming music with Spotify.

Furthermore the stunning sound was detailed with a great sound-stage and precise imaging for a high-resolution enhancement of “Gotye’s state of the Art”.

The elements of its frequency range also looked very good, giving a very good sound.

The track was separated into heavily auto-tuned tracks with full understanding of where its track was needed and purpose.

The scalable codec of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Buds was also quite good.  But with non-Samsung devices, its performance was not good at all.

On the other hand, the performance of non-Samsung devices was quite good with Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus compared to Samsung Galaxy Buds and its sound quality was also much better.

However, there seems to be a greater need to use Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus with Samsung devices while using the AAC codec.


Previously, the company had made a very good Galaxy wearable android app for Galaxy Buds, which was good enough.

But Samsung has made some improvements under this app for Galaxy Buds Plus. This app is also used to work for various Samsung wearable devices.

Simultaneously, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app for iOS has also been introduced by the company which provides official support for Apple devices.

Like the Galaxy Buds, the company has provided many useful features in it such as equalizer, custom touch controls and ‘Find my earbuds’ tool. Where is the ear phone via Find my earbuds tool?

This thing can be detected when it is in the range and with this, it is used for voice readout of notifications, etc. And through this app, the charging level of the case can also be shown, which is really amazing.

However, Its Spotify integration feature is quite good because songs can be played by the streaming service without any additional input under it.

You can also adjust the intensity of ambient sounds passing through your ears and In this, ambient sound mode can also be turned on.

You can also set up a voice call to hear your own voice clearly.

Even more in the voice call settings, it noted that it allows our voice to be  cleanly, keeping all external sounds separate.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black, Blue and White
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black, Blue and White


Above all, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers solid battery life with a large 85mAh battery available under each earbuds.

A slightly larger 270mAh battery is available for the charging case.

The special thing about earphones is that they give a great battery life of up to 11 hours on single charge & An additional charge for solid battery life is also given inside it.

Furthermore, it would be fair to say that these earbuds have a solid & impressive  battery life provided by Samsung.



  • Dual-driver design
  • 11 hour built-in battery life
  • iOS compatible
  • Comfortable design and fit
  • Good sound regardless of source device
  • Detailed, rich sound with the Scalable Bluetooth codec
  • Excellent battery life on the earbuds; wireless charging
  • Great for voice calls
  • Good app, Spotify integration


  • Limited audio codec support
  • Only IPX2 splash resistant
  • No noise cancellation
  • No aptX support
  • Ambient mode sounds a bit artificial


After 1 year, the company launched the Galaxy Buds Plus at a price of ₹13990 in India along with the galaxy S20 series. Their price will be up to ₹11990 on pre-orders.

The EMI offer has also been made available by the company to purchase these earphones. Under which 564.41 ₹ month will have to be paid. whose delivery has started from March 6 in global market.

You will get ₹1999 discount on buying these air phones with Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphone.

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