Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Earphones Review with amazing voice quality

Above all everybody know’s Jabra got an impressive product range in Audio section.

Best known for it’s wireless headphones and earphones. However this company also got all the benefits of being one the first companies to launch truly wireless.

Furthermore Jabra Elite 75t has been launched along Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

However on papers Jabra Elite 75t looks to be a mild upgrade over its predecessor Jabra Elite 65t.

Over a time Jabra Elite 65t was at top of out top 10 truly wireless earphones, due to its amazing battery life, customization and sound quality.

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Above all it’s totally an improved Version of it’s predecessor Jabra Elite 65t.

Also Improved battery life with smaller case.

Along with overwhelming base (depend on person to person taste), it is designed very comfortably to fit.

However the EQ setting helps in that through the Jabra’s app, but if you are connected to pc or tablet it won’t help.

While the tonal balance is not great.

Furthermore it lacks in Active noise cancellation, and you may find some of its competitors have better sound quality.

When it comes for voice calling they might be the best product available in market.

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  • 20 percent smaller
  • Fits flat against your ear, with no nose for microphones
  • Smaller charging case that’s easier to open and close
  • 50% longer battery life — 7.5 hours at moderate volume levels — with charging case providing an additional 20.5 hours
  • USB-C charging
  • Same drivers as Elite 65t (same sound) 
  • 4 microphones (two in each earbud), with microphones now at front and back of buds
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Proprietary technology from GT Telecom
  • Optimized wireless antenna placement
  • Sound+ will get update to EQ settings
  • HearThrough transparency mode
  • IP55 certified water-resistant (splashproof)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Price: $200
  • Three color options: Titanium black, all black (Best Buy exclusive) and gold/beige arrives later this year


We had seen many truly wireless earphones, which are big in size. However Jabra Elite 75t has manged to stay light and compact.

Also there are no stems for microphones, and the company has managed to keep them smaller than it’s predecessor Jabra Elite 65t .

All the changes made into the design has resulted in most comfortable earphones ever.

While un-boxing we got a charging case, USB Type-C charging cable, and three pairs of silicone ear tips which look way cooler.

The pre-fitted ear tips worked very well for us providing us noise isolating fit and comfort even when worn for hours at a stretch.

However the earphones are entirely made up of plastic, which looks and feels very good.

Taking about its colors it is available only in one color:

Furthermore it is IP55-rated for dust and water resistance. Making it a good enough choice for standard days as it can resist to sweat, water splash, light rain and dust.

While  Elite Active 75t is rated IP57. Which makes Elite Active 75t slightly better.

Each side of earphone has a button on it along with light indicator and motion sensors, which gives a appealing look to its design.

The most attractive past was that when you take off the earphone from eat it will automatically stop playing music and automatically resume when worn again, using the motion sensors.

It comes with a 20% smaller case design which let’s you to keep in pocket or a small case


Above the the most important thing to note is that, the right earbud is the active one, which we can connect to our mobile phone while the left earbud is connected to the right earbud only. Only if when it is under or equal to 6 inch of distance.

There is a button on each side earphone which can be used for controlling everything in the earphone.

The operations are little bit confusing but it really got a lot of them:

  • single click on left earbud can enables hear-through(which lets you hear the surrounding voices)
  • double press on left earbud enables to skip to next track
  • triple press on left earbud enables to move to previous track
  • While a longer press or hold on left earbud will decrease the voice
  • single press on right earbud enables play/pause along answering to calls.
  • double click on right enables voice assistant on paired device
  • While a longer press or hold on right earbud will increase the voice

The charging case has a smaller size, and also has a magnetic lid. Along with a light indicator which indicates the charging status by different colors according to different level of battery.

The headphones also has magnets so there’s no risk of the headphones rolling out of the case.


While we consider the design quality to be a huge achievement for the product. We also consider the huge bass as drawback for some(depending on taste).

However the big bass can’t be said a bad choice for all but the quality bass always matters as we had seen with Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0.

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless
Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

Somewhere the bass is too loud, which is creating noise and cause lose in details.

However if you use the Jabra App which has a customizable EQ that lets you put down the bass on your wish.

Jabra Elite 75t lacks in Active noise cancellation while it has passive noise isolation works very well.

However the passive noise isolation does not work well against the high frequency noise like drowns, railways or planes.

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless
Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

Taking about the voice/call quality it can be said the best in class. Also Jabra is best known for it’s non compromising voice/call quality.


Above all it got fast charging capacity which is really great.

Battery life is good however it can’t be said excellent.

On a single charge it last for around 7 hours while the case got 3 more charges to full fill the earbuds battery, equals to 20 hours of charge. Which make’s it 27 hrs of complete charge.

Furthermore you will be using a USB-C instead of the 65t’s microUSB port.

With an charge of just 15 minutes you can go for more than 1 hour of playback time.

Jabra Elite 75t
Jabra Elite 75t



  • GREAT fit
  • Rich sound
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Smaller size
  • Amazing call quality
  • Motion sensors
  • Also amazing motion sensors


  • Bass may be too much for some
  • Average battery life


Above all Jabra Elite 75t has been already launched in India it’s available at a Price of: Rs. 14,999

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