Garmin Venu review Fitness smartwatch, great battery life & performance

Garmin Venu review, A real smartwatch for those serious about sport

Above all the watch got very notable design, because it’s Garmin’s first wearable with an AMOLED display.

Beyond its mirrors it got new features as music capabilities, workout features with animated step by step workout move instructions.

Also you will get features like 24×7 respiration rate tracking, estimated sweat loss, and finally hydration tracking.

Furthermore the Garmin Venu sports smartwatch is made to take on the Apple Watch.

Garmin venu watch is a lot different from its ancestor, above all it has a full AMOLED touchscreen display, whereas Garmin’s Old versions had LCD screen.

Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs Garmin Venu

garmin venu vs vivoactive 4s

American brand Garmin is making its portfolio bigger in India with the launch of these 2 Smartwatches together.

Taking about garmin venu vs vivoactive 4s, Vivoactive 4 is successor of Vivoactive 3

However Venu is Garmin’s first OLED smartwatch, and that’s the only difference in respect to design and build, including similar music capabilities coming standard, also including both Spotify and Amazon Music offline access.

Garmin venu has a pile of new features related to other workout types like yoga & Pilates with animated step by step workout move instructions, 24×7 respiration rate tracking, estimated sweat loss, and finally hydration tracking.

It looks like they picked up Garmin Vivoactive 4, and replaced its display screen with AMOLED touch screen and formed Garmin Venu Watch. Which makes Garmin Venue a great option for those who are into sports.

Garmin Venu

Table of content



Display1.2-inch AMOLED
390 x 390 resolution
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Optional always-on mode
Dimensions and weightCase: 43.2 x 43.2 x 12.4mm
Strap: 20mm Quick Release
Fits wrists with a circumference of 125-190mm

Weight: 46.3g
Build materialsCase: Fiber-reinforced polymer
Bezel: Stainless steel
Strap: Silicone
BatterySmartwatch mode: Up to five days
GPS mode with music: Up to 6 hours
IP rating5ATM
Garmin Elevate heart rate sensor
Barometric altimeter
Pulse ox
StorageMusic: Up to 500 songs
Activities: Seven timed activities, 14 days of activity tracking data
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS
Garmin PayYes
Smartwatch featuresSmartphone notifications
Text response/reject phone call with text (Android only)
Controls smartphone music
Plays and controls smartwatch music
Find my phone/find my watch
Incident Detection

Garmin Venu Design & Build

Garmin Venu review

Talking Bout Garmin Venu design, it look sporty and classy at the same time. Above all the company has managed it very well to keep it up with its look without overdoing any one.

Furthermore talking of Gaemin Venu’s vs Vivoactive 3 design, it is not that cheap looking as we have seen with Viviactive 3. While it is even not as much as classy as Honor Magic Watch 2.

Taking about its Build it is made up of plastic and silicone, with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covering the display.

Furthermore there are garmin venu screen protector tempered glasses available on Amazon and eBay.


However keeping in mind that Garmin Venu target towards fitness freaks, thus you don’t have to worry about the strength of the covering Gorilla glass 3. It wil nearly take all kind of damages without taking a stress.

Where most the watches has weaker side on bezels, Venu got bezel around the display is made of stainless steel with nice etched pattern.

Garmin Venu watch has chosen to go with 2 button design:

  • With the top side button it will bring you to the activity screen with a single tap, and pulls up the shortcut menu with a long-press
  • bottom button acts as a back button when pressed and brings up your settings menu with a long-press.

However when you will look at the buttons you will see that the space is little utilized.

Garmin Venu review

And the good thing is that you these controls are very easy to use, else these 3 functions everything is controlled by Bluetooth.

Also Garmin Venu weight just at 46.3g, which is considered to be very light and easy to carry through out the day.

Even more you can keep tracking your heart beats or health while sleeping and keeping it on your wrist.

Garmin Venu watch got only Silicon straps which are kind of nice!

It would have been better if we have good more variations in straps in respect of material and design, both.

It looks like more of standard rubber band perfect for wearing while workout but not of every moment in day.

Garmin Venu Display

Above all Garmin Venu screen size and display has been in news all over between fitness anthologist.

Garmin Venu screen size is 1.2-inch touchscreen with AMOLED display. Which has turned into big selling point.

Earlier we have seen Garmin using transitiveness MIP panels over screen inn their fitness watches. Due to which it prioritize outdoor visibility and battery life over saturated colors and higher resolutions.

Furthermore the AMOLED display quality is great, which gives deeper blacks and brighter whites.

Also talking about the animation used in the watch looks crisp and appealing with 390 x 390 resolution.

However when you are looking at the screen with the extreme angles the white will appear somewhat red.

Above all there is a light sensor too which controls the brightness level on the Garmin Venu screen.

Garmin venu watches have a great outdoor visibility and the display is upto 1000 nits, however it is not as good as previous German watches but it is perfectly acceptable.

While scrolling to the menu when selecting certain options on the touchscreen you might feel some issues during the Optimisation.

There are the chances that you will mistakenly tap on the wrong option quite often however it can be said that it is due to the software Optimization issue or display issue but it is a small thing that you can ignore.

Garmin Venu review

One of the things to notice is that switching to Garmin fitness watches towards amoled screen doesn’t look to last long for venu.

Furthermore talking about the always on display of German fitness watches you will probably always match the Face you are using for always on display.

Garmin venu Battery life

Talking about the battery life of Garmin fitness watches it can last up to 5 days on a single charge with the always on Display turned off.

That is way better in comparison to the Apple watches which gives you a day or 2 day life.

However with always turn on display off Garmin fitness watches you can use them more than 50 hours.

However  the battery life depends on how you use it or how often you are playing music and using the GPS but it is so you don’t have to charge the Venu watch every single day.

Talking about it’s pulse Ox recording feature it will decrease your venu battery life, day by day so keep that in mind before turning it on for all times

Fitness app and health tracking 

Considering a Garmin venu watch and Garmin Vivo active 4 watch as a mid-range device they  are perfectly capable as multisport watches.

Garmin venu watch can track a variety of sports including running, swimming, strength training, skiing and plenty more.

Thanks to it’s 5 ATM rating, you can use it for swimming, diving and many other sports.

Talking about animations while doing cardio, strength, yoga and pilates workout you will see an animated person on your watch screen doing workouts along with you.

For the movie you can download more work out from German  connect.

Overall we can say that the workouts are very easy to follow and also the Garmin venu watch vibrates after every activity and displays your next move and how long you have to do it to complete.

In the world of fitness watches this is nothing new, Fitbit has been doing on devices workout for a few years and now it is a welcome addition to Garmin watches.

Also you will find a new kind of workout Mode that is called breathwork.

They are not just the standard relief breathing exercises they are tucked away in the workout session of the venu watch, once you select breathwork you will be asked to choose which type of  work you would like to focus on: coherence, relax and focus for tranquility.

Above all these breathing activities are very detailed, the focus breathwork exercise consists of 11 steps which includes warm-ups, recovery, repeating and many other steps upto 25 times.

Also there is a short version of this workout that only repeats upto 19 times.

While when you are doing coherence exercise you can repeat certain steps up to 23, 30 or 35 times however with the Tranquility exercises the steps are 4, 8 or 23 times.

Garmin Venu Performance

You can also check out your daily weekly and monthly Respiration status, however it is hard to tell how accurate these status are.

The watch is so good that it displays an estimate of the amount of sweat you have lost and it also shows the workout summary in Garmin connect.

There are few more states such as calorie and Fluids consumed throughout a day.

You will also find a little help button on display which will help you with tips and tricks on fluid and calorie tracking.

Finally the major change of the year in hardware is addition of pulse OX recording

However they are not able to track your blood oxygen saturation level throughout the day; it can only be set for either day or only for Nights.

There is also a stress tracking feature which will keep an eye on how stressed you are throughout the day and menstrual cycle tracking is here for female users.

Garmin venu watch has also upgraded GPS and heart rate sensor from previous Vevoactive Garmin watch.

Talking about sleep tracking it is the strongest health tracking matrix from Garmin watch, It supports advanced sleep tracking metrics, so you can break down each night sleep with the light, deep and REM stages.

Furthermore the timeline of your sleep is very easy to read.

Garmin Venu Watch Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful AMOLED screen
  • Impressive 5-day battery life
  • Breathing and respiration tools
  • Accurate heart rate and GPS


  • Basic smartwatch features
  • Touchscreen isn’t intuitive

Garmin Venu Review Final Verdict 

This Garmin venu review was written to find out the whole point behind the device.

People who will get the most out of Venu are its existing Garmin fans, Waiting for an OLED display.

However Venu can’t be said to be the best Smartwatch you can buy but it is an amazing fitness watch to buy.

And the addition of OLED display screen make it a right direction for the company

If you talk about Garmin Venu watch vs Apple watch, then obviously Garmin Venu watch has performed better on prospective to fitness and battery life.


Garmin venu fitness watch has been already in lunched in the end of last year.

You can find this watch on Amazon, Flipkart and eBay. This watch has been listed for Rs 37,490

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