dfy hero 2.0

DFY HERO 2.0 UNLIMITED website hosting & installations + more for free

DFY HERO 2.0 UNLIMITED website hosting & installations + more for free

  • Push Button Simple + Beginner Friendly
  • Cloud Based. Nothing To Install.
  • No Domain Names Needed
    (You Can Use Yours Though If You Want!)
  • UNLIMITED: Hosted Websites
  • UNLIMITED: Website Visitors
  • UNLIMITED: Template Activations
  • BONUS #1: Commercial License
  • BONUS #2: Eight Magic Methods
  • BONUS #3: $1200 Premium Marketing Essential Plugins Preinstalled

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Includes Bonus Beginner Friendly Training & Done For You Resource Bundles

As an added bonus you’ll receive UNLIMITED website hosting & installations PLUS our EIGHT part “Magic Methods” series & software bundles, showing you how to turn your licenses into income.

You’ll receive UNLIMITED site creation PLUS bonus access to:

  • The Click, Flip, Cash Method
  • The Passionsteinophobia Solution
  • The Baby Bunny Commissions Blueprint
  • Our Banana Clubhouse System
  • CoVid-Style Commerce Cash
  • TestTube Trampoline Trick and more…!

PLUS any added software, copy/paste resources and follow along training to help you make these work even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

CREATE Your Own Websites: No Writing, Design, Code Or Stress Needed!

From The Desk Of 14+ Year Veteran Internet Marketer, Cindy Donovan


Have you had someone ask…

“So… what do you do online?”

Whether you’re a beginner just starting to find your feet online

Or an established veteran marketer …

Telling them your website address, or better still… showing them your professional looking site is usually the best way to show that yep, you DO know what you’re doing.

In fact, almost every method of earning an income online begins with having your own website.

It could be anything, but…

Whatever You’re Doing, You NEED An Online Presence

Whether You Are…

Promoting Affiliate Products

If you want to earn income without having to create and support products yourself

Or you want to make an affiliate review blog

Or you want easier approval from vendors when they see you have your own site

Or want to have a way to create stunning bonus pages in a snap

Selling Things In an eCom Store

If you’ve got physical products you create yourself and want to sell

Or you have a client selling products in a ‘brick & mortar’ store who needs a website,Or you want to sell products by drop shipping

Or even physical products as an affiliate…

Making Full Digital Funnels

To check out best funnel building software click here

If you’ve got digital products you create yourself and want to sell

Or you want to build a high value brand, sell webinars or downloadable goods, or set up a freelance business selling your services

Or want to expand your offline business by adding an online digital component

Building Email Marketing Lists
Building Email Marketing Lists

Building Email Marketing Lists

Optin pages, lead generation funnels … whatever you call them, you need them

Or you’re working offline and want to add your clients to an online database, or you’re building a social media revolution and need to keep in touch

Or you need to automate contact with your customers/prospects

Blogging Or Social Media

Considering WordPress powers over 60% of websites online, blogging can’t be ignored!

Or you’re using your blog for content, SEO traffic, and as a brandable hub, or you’re using it to sell more products, write reviews or build your social audience

Or even as a membership platform to manage deliverables of your digital goods


To Make Money Online

You Need To Be Online

I know, this sounds pretty obvious … but in over a decade of working full time online, I have heard this question thousands of times from my students, from strangers on a community/forum that I started to help, beginners starting online businesses… from bloggers posing as ‘prospective and inquisitive’ students only looking for content AND even some Marketers looking for ways to expand their businesses.

And before asking me — of course they had asked the same question to BIG DADDY Google — who just redirected them to countless blogs, posts and a LOT of scamsters posing as entrepreneurs looking for ‘Gullible’ people like these who would hand over money to them in the hope of making money in return. Luckily… I was also one of the places (persons) Google redirected them too.

Anyway — let’s cut to the chase.

So, yes — the fastest ways to make money online are building a complete website for your local plumber or lawyer, or sales pages for digital products, squeeze pages, eCom stores or blogs … the faster you can make them, the faster you’re in profit.

To Build A Website You Have 3 Options

Here’s 3 strategies you can use to make ANY of these sites. Whether you’re making a complete website for a local business, or making a full on JVZoo, Clickbank or Warrior plus sales funnel, list building squeeze pages, eCommerce stores or blogs.

Option #1:

Very flexible, has free options (if you have hosting), but can be time consuming to setup + hard to scale


Option #2: Software

Easier (at first glance…) until you discover every tool comes with a monthly fee, for each site you want


Option #3: DFY

Our DFY (Done For You) option makes beautifully designed, hosted websites in any niche, in a click


Option #1: WordPress (The Slow Way…)

Almost a third of all websites are built to create and organize digital content.

Other elements like hosting and domain registration are best done separately.

It’s up to YOU to bring these TOGETHER to create a WordPress site. (if you decide to choose this option, it’s ok… I have an easier way…)

  • Step 1: Login to WordPress. It’s free in a way… except — it’s not! You have to buy themes if you don’t want a crappy final product.

Essential Requirements:
You need either know how to do it or hire a tech-geek.
You need a few hundred bucks to pay for hosting, domain and designing etc.

  • Step 2: Buy the Right Hosting Plan. Before you can get down to the business of building your WordPress website you need a place for it to live. This requires a hosting plan.

Essential Requirement:
Spend a few weeks researching and comparing thousands of hosting service providers. Bother your friends, relatives and neighbours who you think might know which is the best one. Go-to forums and ask people like me (and oh yes — people who run some of the hosting companies are also there to “help you choose the right plan” without charging you a penny)
Shell out a few dollars and keep some more in your account for this — it’s a RECURRING expense

  • Step 3: 

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