Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds Best Truly Wireless earbuds in budget Rs5000

Crossbeats Pebble Review Truly Affordable Wireless Earbuds

Crossbeats has taken it’s steps into entry-level world of Wireless earbuds, Where there are Players like Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Earphones who came out like an outstanding performer in the mid-range wireless earbuds costing under Rs15000.

However taking about the entry level earbuds we get JVC HA-A10T which is major challenge in the price range.

Being a newly discovered company Crossbeat pebble is trying to hold a name for itself.

Furthermore Crossbeats is a company that totally focus on Wireless products.

Moreover he have spend more than a month using Crossbeats Pebble and Crossbeat Evolve, before getting it you.

Even more we proudly support “MADE IN INDIA”.

Crossbeats Pebble




It is surely value for money and worth for music experience, along a good design it also has nice battery.


Weight4.54 g
Package Dimensions12.8 x 10.4 x 4.2 cm
Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Compatible DevicesiPhone, Android Mobile, Android Smart TV, Microsoft, Apple iOS
Additional FeaturesDeep Bass with 3D Surround Sound, 20 Hours Playtime, Type C Fast Charging, Athletic Fit for all Extreme Sports, Passive Noise Cancellation with Microphone
Headphones Form FactorIn Ear
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
Connector TypeBluetooth Wireless


Above all Crossbeats Pebble looks like Designed for style, Crossbeats Pebble True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are more of a eye candy, it has a design that you really wanna get.

Furthermore these wireless Bluetooth earbuds comes with a appealing tan color leather sling tag that makes carrying the earbuds case more convenient.

It also has a copper colored finish on the buttons for a stunning style appeal.

Taking more about the case we have smooth, matte rubber casing which is at ideal size, not too big nor to small.

Coming with the Olive green color to it, it looked so much admiring.

Similarly you will find the same color on Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds.

Furthermore the earbuds have a no-fuss design, which is really appreciated by the buyers.

Finally in terms of design we can say that there is no one who can compete to it.


Crossbeats Pebble Bluetooth Earbuds has a opening and closing mechanism which is very satisfying and it happens just with a ‘click’ to it.

But after long term or rough use the open close mechanism got little lose.

Furthermore there are dual microphones in the system, one in each of the Crossbeats Pebble Bluetooth Earbuds.

Also the Crossbeats Pebble Bluetooth Earbuds with default tips has a great fit with comfort.

It will be no stress for your ears even if you wear them for hours, even more it weight just 4.54g, you can run, workout, dance nearly everything while wearing them and they will not fall off your ears.

Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds Design and build
Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds Design and build

There are also LED light indicators on the base of the case near the TYPE-C CHARGING.


Crossbeats Pebble Wireless Earbuds also has very good pleasing sound, considering it’s price it is really more than what we wished for.

However during the mids the sound quality automatically get poor and you cant help it out, the volume goes down some how which does not keep the flow steady. Which you can fix at your own by simply using equalizer and making some adjustent.

While the highs and lows are excellent.

Furthermore the bass was good, even when you listen to high bass punjabi songs, it handles them very well.

Also there is good level of clarity in the sound, until and unless you turn the volume over 80%. Which is okay because you rarely wanna hear that much of volume.

Because Crossbeats Pebble Truly Wireless Earbuds are loud enough. Only if there was any noise around 60%-70% of the volume, than it could be a problem.

Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds Design
Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds Desig

Crossbeats Pebble also works for most genres, but bass-heavy genres such as funk, hip-hop, EDM etc sound a bit too booming, and somewhat take away from the experience.

Furthermore it has nice Noise Cancellation, but sometimes it does not work that well. However we have no big complains to the product as it is already giving a lot in the budget price, better than it’s competitors.


Talking about it’s calling quality it will pinch you somewhere because whenever you are outside you will face a hard time with the microphones.

You will be clearly hearing the person on the other end but you may need to yell to make the person here you.

However when you are inside or at silent place you will find the microphones very responsive.

In my view it would be better if they had only 1 microphone at the place of 2, which could work little better.


Above all it takes 1 hour for a complete charge from 0% battery level.

Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds battery life
Crossbeats Pebble Earbuds battery life

It also has a fast charging system using a Type C fast Charging Cables. Hassle free charge and easy power portability makes Pebble a great companion in your busy routine.

Furthermore battery is good it give you a play time of around 20 hours, which is really very impressive, You will only find such powerful battery in the price range of MID and HIGH level earbuds such as PlayGo BH70 noise cancelling wireless Headphones.


Crossbeats Pebble Wireless Earbuds has got an fairly impressive package.

There are also few flows such as week at mids of any sound track and has a poor voice calling system, which can be directly blamed to the bad quality of microphones.

However it has amazing sound at highs and lows along with very strong and pleasing BASS.

The battery life is it’s greatest strength, I don’t think there is any other brand in the same price range which can perform so strong.

Finally we can say it is worth for money, if voice call in not a priority on your check list than Crossbeats Pebble Truly Wireless Earbuds are a must to buy.



  • Above all amazing battery life
  • Excellent bass
  • Nice Noise Cancellation
  • Best wireless earbuds under budget


  • Poor sound at mids
  • Also poor voice call quality due to microphone.


Above all without a doubt Crossbeats Pebble Wireless Earbuds are the best wireless earbuds under budget Rs 5000.

It price Rs 4,999

It has been already released in early 2020 and is available on Amazon and Various other online platforms however you can you Crossbeats Pebble Wireless Earbuds with discount on Amazon, during festive seasons.


Above all CrossBeats Pebble True Wireless Earbuds gives you 12 months replacement Warranty.

However Product Registration is mandatory on official CrossBeats website within 10 days of your purchase to claim the warranty.


Write on for all technical support.