Cloud Funnel the most powerful funnel and page builder

Cloud Funnel the most powerful funnel and page builder

I had used Cloud Funnel and believe me its the most powerful funnel and page builder software i ever used.

Taking more about it Cloud Funnel software offers you all Industry Leading Breakthrough Features:

AMP Support
Cloud + Server support
Zapier Support
Autoresponder and SMTP Integration
Payment Gateways Integration

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Payment Gateways Integration


Furthermore cloud funnel has focused on addressing the most important issues of funnel building and building solutions for these issues.

Here are some of the issues which Cloud funnel has focused and brought the right solutions which non of its competitor has been able to do:

  1. Problem: Funnel services go down a lot

Everyone who is using funnel services understands how funnel service goes down without even giving a sign of warning and levels the entire system break.

Furthermore you never get an opportunity to turn off your expensive traffic generation systems, your ads, etc during the breakdown of the funnel, and causes only loss.

Which is never going to happen with Cloud funnel, which you can believe from my experience.

Furthermore it is the only funnel software that you can install on both your server or on any cloud (GCP, AWS, etc).

  1. People Funnel-Hack your funnels
    Just make a quick search on your search engine for the funnel builder name and you will see that anyone, I literally mean anyone can discover the funnels hosted on that funnel builder.

Why is it a problem?

Because marketing experts or so called big sharks in the game can easily discover your sales funnels and copy them

  • Expensive monthly charge and unexpected revisions
    Today there are many Funnel building softwares which are available at $390 a month and after a few months (3–4) they might ask you for $490 a month.

And you will be having no choice rather than giving the asked amount.
Especially when you are hosting on a third party platform.

  1. Funnel-builders aren’t customizable
    This is very likely that you have felt that you can’t change anything in your funnel builder even if you hire a programmer.

You don’t have access to the codebase and you can’t adapt it for your needs.

CloudFunnel Solves Every Problem & Brings You Features You’ve Never Seen

CloudFunnels is like the WordPress of funnel builders. It puts the power in your hands. You have total control and total security.

Plus, industry-leading features, the likes of which you just won’t find in any other funnel builder. Read on!


The Only funnel & Page Builder You Can Install Anywhere

CloudFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Create Your Dream Online Business

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