Honor magic watch 2 – a very smart calling and fitness watch

Above all you can check our verdicts section for quick review for Honor magic watch 2 – a very smart watch.

Honor Magic watch 2 is getting eyes on it with its very impressive tagline “Innovation Made Personal”, believe me this watch is so much more than just a smart watch.

It’s non the less than a smart phone.

Honor magic watch 2
Honor magic watch 2

Honor is now expending its portfolio, after smartphones its coming into watches. Just now Honor have launched second generation of magic watch which is Honor magic watch 2.




First of all, it looks like Honor magic watch 2 is made specially for fitness enthusiast.

It covers huge range of fitness and heath features such as stress monitoring and exercise pace tracking.

Magic watch 2 provides serious value for money considering its build quality, design, lite OS and price.

Performance is excellent, and the watch seem to be very accurate in monitoring. Connectivity is also good.

Great battery life it can easily go days without charging.

However, its lifestyle tools and features are limited.

Also you won’t be able to download applications, along with few software quirks and responsiveness issues.

Honor magic watch 2 official video


  • Key Features: Personalized Watch Faces, 15 Goal-Based Fitness Modes
  • Battery: 14-Day Battery Life
  • Display: 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen, 454 x 454 resolution at 326 PPI, Personalized Watch Faces
  • Dimensions: Height : 45.9mm, Width : 45.9mm, Weight : 41g
  • Fitness Monitoring: GPS and GLONASS tracking system, 15 goal-based fitness modes, 13 different running courses, Real-time Voice-over guidance, 5 ATM water resistance
  • Health Monitoring: Heart-rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Stress Monitor
  • Series of Smart Features: Bluetooth call (only available on 46 mm version), Stores and plays up to 500 songs
Honor magic watch 2 dimensions
Honor magic watch 2 dimensions


It is very good to see how Honor is pushing in smartphones towards better deigns, similarly Honor is also pushing it well with its watches.


Above all we can see Magic watch 2 comes with an inspiration from chronograph-style design specially in 46 mm design. Where as in smaller variant with 42 mm it does not includes the outer bezel of the larger version, for a simple design.

The designer has leveled the bezel with the display glass within it, where the display’s bezel has a bevel both inwards and out in 46 mm variant.

It is also having a small bump at the middle in the base for Heart rate sensor.

Here you will find the display is always on, and outer bezels is used to give this device a more like watch look.

On the edge at right side you will find 2 buttons, in which:

  • the upper one is used to pull up a list of apps and settings on display
  • while the second button can be used to customize a launch to fitness routine or any of the other pre-installed apps.

Finally taking about colors, right now it is available in two colors Flax Brown and Charcoal Black for 42mm variant. However for 42mm variant it comes in black and gold


Honor magic watch 2 in Black and brown color
Honor magic watch 2 in Black and brown color

It is made by using 316L aerospace-grade stainless steel, while taking about the straps, they can be customized to leather straps or standard silicon.

Even more it is light weighted around 41g (talking about 46mm variant) and corrosion-resistant.

Taking about the dimensions it comes with exact dimensions of 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7mm for the 46mm body, while the 42mm version measures 41.8 x 41.8 x 9.3mm.

You can dive right into the pool without worrying about the watch and track your swim time as it comes with 5ATM water resistance rating.

The charging pins are at the base near Heart beat sensor.


First of all, taking about the screen:

  • 42mm version: 1.2 inches
  • 46mm version: 1.39 inches 

Magic watch 2 got a AMOLED displays with a 800 NITs in brightness with a 454 x 454 pixel resolution and an adequately high pixel density of 326ppi.

Magic watch 2 display
Magic watch 2 display

Colors are good at display, you can easily read text and numbers on the watch.

You can even set wallpapers on the screen using the health app, and the display is always on, so you don’t need to put the switch on screen every time you look over it.


It comes with many fitness options such as triathlon, running, open-water swimming, just track time, calories, and heart rate. Some of these are coming more complex with a huge swath of functions and stats are monitored.

Also the watch is waterproof up to 50m so its wearable for swimmers without any worry.

Furthermore there are 13 different ‘running courses’ that take you through particular workouts of varying intensities, guiding you through warm up time, running, and cooling down, as well as general indoor and outdoor run-tracking modes.

Magic watch 2 got speakers in it which are pretty good, but it does not support any Bluetooth, which would be good if it had.

While running you can calculate your heart beat and steps and calories and so much more it can do for you as while climbing it can even calculate the height.

Here you will also find post-run feedback, which is really useful in many ways such as how long you should take to recover before your next run and how hard you can push yourself for the workout, its really smart and it is also capable of measuring VO2 Max levels.

It also got GPS in it, which takes time to connect but is very accurate and accurately calculate your running.


This smartphone has OS which is great for fitness and running features, but there are limited apps for everyday use and also there is no online library which means you cant download any app.

However we really need to talk about NOTIFICATIONS, because sometimes they get little buggy. Only a few times the notifications use to get delay on watch.

honor magic 2 software
honor magic 2 software


Taking about the performance, you can keep the screen brightness on for around 20 minutes for maximum, which is good enough where you don’t need to push the buttons on to look over the notifications on the screen.

The ambient light sensor pulled it very good according to the light on the outside by adjusting the screen brightness and the battery from getting cut down in the half.

However there is something negative too about it, which it that it takes some time to respond the touch on the screen after you turn on the screen.

Even more UI fluidity could have been better as well along the tough.

Taking more about display you can also chose between analog or digital watch on display.

Now talking about the tracking capacity it is not exact but it is somewhat accurate which is very good for this price range.

The heart rate sensor is always on which works totally fine. Even more it takes data of heart rate in every hour and make a graph on it. Taking about its Sleep tracking feature it produces a graph on and shows a line for the hours of your quality sleep.

Taking about its GPS it got dual satellite connection position setting, which is fast but sometimes GPS setting get unregistered.

This watch also enables stress checking, which is scaled from 0-99.

Unlike the 42mm variant 46mm variant of the Honor Magic 2 lets you receive calls on the device.

It can get connect to any phone in the range of 10m with no voice break. Furthermore the microphone is very good, clear voice and wont let the next person feel that the call is taken through a watch not a smarphone.

Honor magic watch 2 performance
Honor magic watch 2 performance


It is one of the strongest aspect of the magic honor watch, battery life is so that you don’t need to charge it for days, it can for more than 2 weeks without the charge for mm variant.

Even if you are using all of its features and getting it on a heavy duty than too this watch can last for days without a charge.

While taking about the 42mm variant, it can last for at least 1 week without charge. which is decent.

Here the Kirin A1 chipset is builtin with a collection of power-saving algorithms to last it for days even after a strong use of fitness and tracking apps along the always display on feature.

Charging the Honor Magic Watch 2 is done via a small dock, which the watch snaps to magnetically.

Furthermore, the device charge up very quickly.

According to a report Honor Magic Watch went from 0 to 60 percent in 30 minutes, and took over an hour to fully charge.

Fitness tracking and battery life of Honor magic watch 2
Fitness tracking and battery life of Honor magic watch 2



  • Excellent battery life
  • Appealing design
  • Granular fitness data
  • Tracking accuracy is also good
  • Microphone is good
  • Bluetooth connection is quite strong
  • Strong suite of fitness features


  • Lite OS is limiting
  • UI feels sluggish
  • Speaker are not good
  • Lack of actionable notifications
  • No third-party apps


Honor Watch Magic 2’s 46mm model is set with a price of which is Rs. 12,999 for Charcoal Black finish. While for Flax Brown variant it comes with a price range of Rs. 14,999.

If you consider 46mm to big for your wrist you can go for 42mm variant which is in Agate Black and Sakura Gold colors in price of Rs. 11,999 and Rs. 14,999 respectively.

It have been already released on December 20, 2019.