Best headphone under Rs15000 PlayGo BH70 noise cancelling wireless Headphones Review

PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review
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Above all there is a wide range of wireless headphones and earphones are available for less than Rs. 2,000 now along with the most premium features such as noise cancellation and support for superior Bluetooth codecs.

Also Top-tier headphones from Bose, Sony, and Sennheiser has active noise cancellation and Bluetooth are still priced at well over Rs. 20,000

However that open’s a wide range in between, which is open for competition, and affordable audio and accessories brand “Play” has stepped in to try and fill this gap.

PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones has new pair of headphones offers active noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5 with superior codec support, and more.

PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

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You may not like it’s looks but you definitely gonna amaze you with its performance.


Sales Package1 Headphone, User Manual, Type-C Charging Cable, Soft Case
Maximum Power Input (mW)2500
Carrier Frequency2.4 – 2.48 GHz
IndicatorsPower and Connection Status Indicator
ControlsVolume Control, On/Off, Media Control
Technology UsedMultipoint Technology, DSP
With MicrophoneYes
Headphone TypeOver the Ear
ColorMedallion Brown
Maximum Frequency Response (Hz)20000
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSF, BLE
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range (m)10
Headphone Power SourceBattery
Battery TypeLithium Polymer
Battery Capacity (mAh)1000
Width (mm)171
Height (mm)82
Depth (mm)187
Weight (g)299
Domestic Warranty (Year)1
PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Review
PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Taking more about Playgo BH70 headphones specifications it has IPX4 rate for water resistance, and it uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity.

These Headphone support the aptX low-latency codec with the use of a PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chip.

Furthermore these headset uses 40mm dynamic drivers and has a frequency response range of 20-20,000Hz.

Play BH70 headset has an amazing App that helps and control certain features, this app is available for both:

  • Android
  • iOS

This app also allows you to:

  • keeping the firmware up to date
  • adjust the noise cancellation level to allow transparency
  • adjust equalizers and so much more

However this app will not allow you to adjust:

  • auto pause
  • play gesture
  • flight mode


Above all we didn’t want to mention it but PlayGo BH70 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones design does not look good at all or we can say that there is nothing to admire it for.

Furthermore PlayGo BH70 Wireless Headphones entire body is made up of Plastic with glossy and dull finish.

Moore over PlayGo BH70 Headphones looks like PlayGo toys and also has an aesthetic that is more suited to be a budget headphone.

Taking about PlayGo BH70 Wireless Headphones colours, its available in 2 colors:

  • grey
  • brown

Even more Playgo BH70 headset over-ear fit was snug, with comfortable padding and a good noise-isolating seal.

PlayGo BH70 packing
PlayGo BH70 packaging

While we didn’t like Playgo BH70 headset looks and buttons, using the headphones with glasses wasn’t a problem as well it does not feel heavy unlike other headphones.

Furthermore it’s sales package includes a big hard carry case along with a USB Type-C cable to charge the headphones.


Taking about PlayGo Wireless Headphones design, these buttons are some what creaky and feel oddly sticky to press. However it has 5 button on its frame;

  • two on the left: power and active noise cancellation
  • three on the right: while the playback and volume controls are on the controls.

Furthermore the buttons usually worked, they didn’t offer enough physical feedback and didn’t respond immediately, leading to errors.

Taking about the buttons on left:

Moreover Pressing down on the left ear cup with your palm will activate the transparency mode temporarily.

While when you will double press the play/pause button you will be able to invokes the voice assistant on a paired smartphone.

PlayGo BH70
PlayGo BH70

Here the ANC button on the left will allow you to chose through three modes:

  • active noise cancellation on
  • active noise cancellation off
  • transparency (as long as you keep it on)

Talking about it’s positive side, it has very easy controls which were really easy to use once you get familiar to it’s buttons.

However if you can ignore PlayGo BH70 Wireless Headphone looks, this headphone has an amazing feature that it automatically “pause or play music when you take them off or put them on” respectively, and this worked really well.

You can also control the automatic feature using your smartphone app which is connected to your PlayGo BH70 Headphone.

Furthermore there are two microphones, one on each ear cup that serve for both calls as well as active noise cancellation detection. Also the Playgo BH70 headset is very comfortable to wear and use.

PlayGo BH70
PlayGo BH70


Taking about the

Above all you will enjoy listening to music on the headphones, and support for the Qualcomm aptX codec helped to get the best out of all kinds of music.

Furthermore we used our OnePlus 7T Pro (Review) and HP Spectre x360 13 aw0205tu laptop to test the headphones; the Android smartphone used aptX, while the laptop used the AAC Bluetooth codec.

Taking more about sound, we found PlayGo BH70 Wireless Headphones gave much batter sound when we were using android phone, it may be due to aptX codec which made a difference in terms of responsiveness and detail.

While sound was on a softer side with HP Spectre x360 13 aw0205tu laptop.

PlayGo BH70 headphones provided a wide, spacious sounds that went far beyond basic stereo separation, making for an immersive and detailed listening experience.

Furthermore Playgo BH70 went good for retro-Bollywood-inspired track, capturing the essence of the modern electronic elements, along vocals.

PlayGo BH70
PlayGo BH70

Also PlayGo BH70 headphone has a bass which is deep and calculated.

While the mid-range and highs were crispy clear. The sonic signature favors most popular genres, with a clear focus on the lows and highs, but the mid-range was never overpowered.

PlayGo headphones worked decently enough for calls, and the transparency mode was effective enough for times when we needed to quickly listen to our surroundings.


Above all Playgo BH70 headphones has a decent battery life.

You will be glad to know that it goes for more than 20 hours in a single charge, with continues active noise cancellation and volume level near to maximum levels.

However Playgo BH70 headset got no fast charging and it takes around 4 hours to completely charge the fully drained battery.


Playgo BH70 headphones has set up the new mark for no more expensive headphones for premium quality.

It takes a unique strategy to the section, attempting to be extra like a premium entry-level Playgo BH70 noise cancelling headset.

However it has not kind of premium quality as we have seen with JBL but with that sound high quality it will definitely gives you the feel of premium quality.

Moreover battery life is also good and nice.

Furthermore the sound was deep and warm, it does not miss any of it.

Finally we can say that even if its costly for some but it worth the money.



  • Snug
  • Helpful app
  • Qualcomm aptX codec assist
  • Spacious
  • detailed sound
  • Amazing sound: Deep, calculated bass, crisp highs


  • Plastic BODY, toy-like design
  • No quick charging


Above all Playgo BH70 has priced at Rs. 14,999.

Furthermore you can purchase it on Amazon with festive offers.


Click over here to Email Playgo, for any complain and query.

For tech support Email over:

Customer service number: +918588874744

1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

1more quad driver

Above all 1More had made it’s name with the 1more triple driver in ear headphone. Which brought it in the level of the best of the best wireless headphones.

1More is getting so much popular that it’s fans are demanding for more 1MORE Triple Driver BT in-ears headphones.

Furthermore the name 1more triple driver addresses that it uses triple driver technology as well as hi-res audio support for Android devices via Sony’s LDAC codec.

However, 1MORE Triple Driver BTs have a few fundamental flaws, that we we will go through in this1More Triple Drive Review.


  • 1more india customer care and address in India


Neckband-style wireless earphones are not that popular these days in mid and premium range, While these are very famous in budget range

Because of 1more stylish true wireless Triple Driver Bluetooth delivers good audio quality along with the convenience of wireless connectivity.

1more stylish earphones look good, sound great, and are very comfortable.

However 1more triple driver in ear headphones have only one drawback, that is it’s battery life.

You have to charge it in every 6 hours, you can’t plan to use it for an entire day.

Finally we get to conclusion that 1more true wireless is a good pair of earphones for buyers who want high-quality sound.


  • Frequency response: 20 – 40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB
  • Packaged: Quantity1
  • Product Type: Earphones – wired – 3.5 mm jack
  • Color: titanium silver
  • Body Material: aluminum alloy
  • Headphones Form Factor: In-ear
  • Sound Output Mode: stereo
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz
  • Audio Controls: answer/end, next/previous track, volume
  • Controls: Volume, answer/end, next/previous track
  • Included Accessories: 3 pairs of foam ear tips, 6 pairs of silicone ear tips, clothing clip, dual-pin airplane adapter, storage case, travel pouch
  • Color Category: silver


Above all 1more true wireless earbuds are identical to each other with same metal casings and shape, along with the angled ear tips which sit very comfortably in your years.

1more wireless earbuds also has short rubber cable running from each earbud to the neckband. So we can’t say it truly wireless.

Furthermore the earbuds are connected to the neck section via a thin rubber-coated cable, which feels comfortable

Even more there is a small clip that lets you keep them attached to each other when they are not in use.

Furthermore the 1more stylish true wireless in ear headphone comes with nine pairs of ear tips;

  • six of these are made up of silicone
  • while three are of foam

However you will find silicone tips will give you a better shot for their superior fit, flexibility and noise isolation.

1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Taking about neckband it is made of a combination of plastic and rubber, and holds the battery, electronics, and controls of the 1more triple driver over ear.

Also the rubber part of the neckband is extremely flexible and can be stretched out as much as you want to stretch.

One more thing to notice is that 1more triple driver in ear earphones are so flexible that they you can fold it into loops for storage.

Finally we can say it’s a simple, tried-and-tested design that works well enough even today.


Above all on the left collar of the neckband that holds the USB Type-C port for charging sits under a flap at the end and the controls are also there which includes:

  • control power
  • playback
  • volume from the neckband.

Also the USB-C charging port is also located on the left.

Over, 1more triple driver over ear headphone you will also find an indicator light and the microphone.

One dynamic driver to handle the low-end, and two balanced-armature drivers for the mids and highs.

1More Triple Driver Bluetooth headset is Hi-Res Audio certified, with a frequency response range of 20-40,000Hz.

Furthermore there is Bluetooth 4.2 which is used for connectivity, with support for the SBC, AAC, and LDAC Bluetooth codecs.

However there is no aptX support, but the presence of LDAC means this isn’t really a problem since Android devices widely support the codec.


1more triple driver headphones gave us big expectations when it was launched.

Similarly to our expectations these earphones did not disappoint us.

Furthermore for the segments of the track which had two vocalists singing together sounded good, with both distinctly separated, further showing the level of detail on offer with these earphones.

Core benefit of using a multi-driver setup is clearly audible, and 1More makes the most of the technical capabilities of the drivers.

Taking about sonic signature it stayed reliably balanced, also giving every element of the track its time to shine.

1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
1More Triple Drive Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Here the three drivers divide’s the work which also meant that even the busiest and most detailed tracks weren’t slowed down with 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones.

Furthermore the performance get better when using our Android smartphone with the LDAC Bluetooth codec, which is already great.


Above all it has a balanced audiophile-friendly sonic signature, detailed sound, and almost the same level of quality that the wired variant was capable of.

Furthermore we were immediately impressed with how detailed and balanced the sound was when we used OnePlus 7T to play music from Youtube and Spotify.

However taking about the base, it sounded tight and calculated, but stopped short of being as punchy and fast which was nice enough.

Furthermore listening to high-resolution audio tracks on the 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones tended to bring out a bit more in the sound.

The sonic signature seemed a bit more adaptable and accommodating, also the details.

Similarly drivers themselves are tuned amazingly, and this can be heard in the tightness of bass and the crispness of mids and highs.

Taking about it’s voice call quality for 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones, performance was decent enough in both indoor and outdoor environments.

However you might hear the cable sound sometimes, but it’s shorter cables made it more rare to happen.


Above all taking about battery life of 1More Triple Driver Bluetooth earphones was ordinary at best.

At most you will be able to use it for 6 hours at most.

Furthermore it does not support fast charging and it takes around 3 hours., which too long for it.



  • Balanced, detailed sound
  • Lots of ear tips in the box
  • LDAC, AAC Bluetooth codec support
  • Flexible neckband with easy-to-use controls


  • Average battery life


Above all it is costing cost $199 / £130. Which is costing around Rs15225 by 1more company in India.

However on Amazon Prime you can find it for  $100 / £100 or Rs7650 in India, which is a massive discount for 1more triple driver headphones in India.

1more india customer care and address in India

Rajabai Residency,
Plot no.3, S.No.692A/2A/2,
Ruturaj Society, Bibwewadi,
Pune – 411037
Phone no.:800779179

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Earphones Review with amazing voice quality

Above all everybody know’s Jabra got an impressive product range in Audio section.

Best known for it’s wireless headphones and earphones. However this company also got all the benefits of being one the first companies to launch truly wireless.

Furthermore Jabra Elite 75t has been launched along Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

However on papers Jabra Elite 75t looks to be a mild upgrade over its predecessor Jabra Elite 65t.

Over a time Jabra Elite 65t was at top of out top 10 truly wireless earphones, due to its amazing battery life, customization and sound quality.

Table of content



Above all it’s totally an improved Version of it’s predecessor Jabra Elite 65t.

Also Improved battery life with smaller case.

Along with overwhelming base (depend on person to person taste), it is designed very comfortably to fit.

However the EQ setting helps in that through the Jabra’s app, but if you are connected to pc or tablet it won’t help.

While the tonal balance is not great.

Furthermore it lacks in Active noise cancellation, and you may find some of its competitors have better sound quality.

When it comes for voice calling they might be the best product available in market.

Blind Dreams

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  • 20 percent smaller
  • Fits flat against your ear, with no nose for microphones
  • Smaller charging case that’s easier to open and close
  • 50% longer battery life — 7.5 hours at moderate volume levels — with charging case providing an additional 20.5 hours
  • USB-C charging
  • Same drivers as Elite 65t (same sound) 
  • 4 microphones (two in each earbud), with microphones now at front and back of buds
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Proprietary technology from GT Telecom
  • Optimized wireless antenna placement
  • Sound+ will get update to EQ settings
  • HearThrough transparency mode
  • IP55 certified water-resistant (splashproof)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Price: $200
  • Three color options: Titanium black, all black (Best Buy exclusive) and gold/beige arrives later this year


We had seen many truly wireless earphones, which are big in size. However Jabra Elite 75t has manged to stay light and compact.

Also there are no stems for microphones, and the company has managed to keep them smaller than it’s predecessor Jabra Elite 65t .

All the changes made into the design has resulted in most comfortable earphones ever.

While un-boxing we got a charging case, USB Type-C charging cable, and three pairs of silicone ear tips which look way cooler.

The pre-fitted ear tips worked very well for us providing us noise isolating fit and comfort even when worn for hours at a stretch.

However the earphones are entirely made up of plastic, which looks and feels very good.

Taking about its colors it is available only in one color:

Furthermore it is IP55-rated for dust and water resistance. Making it a good enough choice for standard days as it can resist to sweat, water splash, light rain and dust.

While  Elite Active 75t is rated IP57. Which makes Elite Active 75t slightly better.

Each side of earphone has a button on it along with light indicator and motion sensors, which gives a appealing look to its design.

The most attractive past was that when you take off the earphone from eat it will automatically stop playing music and automatically resume when worn again, using the motion sensors.

It comes with a 20% smaller case design which let’s you to keep in pocket or a small case


Above the the most important thing to note is that, the right earbud is the active one, which we can connect to our mobile phone while the left earbud is connected to the right earbud only. Only if when it is under or equal to 6 inch of distance.

There is a button on each side earphone which can be used for controlling everything in the earphone.

The operations are little bit confusing but it really got a lot of them:

  • single click on left earbud can enables hear-through(which lets you hear the surrounding voices)
  • double press on left earbud enables to skip to next track
  • triple press on left earbud enables to move to previous track
  • While a longer press or hold on left earbud will decrease the voice
  • single press on right earbud enables play/pause along answering to calls.
  • double click on right enables voice assistant on paired device
  • While a longer press or hold on right earbud will increase the voice

The charging case has a smaller size, and also has a magnetic lid. Along with a light indicator which indicates the charging status by different colors according to different level of battery.

The headphones also has magnets so there’s no risk of the headphones rolling out of the case.


While we consider the design quality to be a huge achievement for the product. We also consider the huge bass as drawback for some(depending on taste).

However the big bass can’t be said a bad choice for all but the quality bass always matters as we had seen with Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0.

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless
Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

Somewhere the bass is too loud, which is creating noise and cause lose in details.

However if you use the Jabra App which has a customizable EQ that lets you put down the bass on your wish.

Jabra Elite 75t lacks in Active noise cancellation while it has passive noise isolation works very well.

However the passive noise isolation does not work well against the high frequency noise like drowns, railways or planes.

Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless
Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless

Taking about the voice/call quality it can be said the best in class. Also Jabra is best known for it’s non compromising voice/call quality.


Above all it got fast charging capacity which is really great.

Battery life is good however it can’t be said excellent.

On a single charge it last for around 7 hours while the case got 3 more charges to full fill the earbuds battery, equals to 20 hours of charge. Which make’s it 27 hrs of complete charge.

Furthermore you will be using a USB-C instead of the 65t’s microUSB port.

With an charge of just 15 minutes you can go for more than 1 hour of playback time.

Jabra Elite 75t
Jabra Elite 75t



  • GREAT fit
  • Rich sound
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Smaller size
  • Amazing call quality
  • Motion sensors
  • Also amazing motion sensors


  • Bass may be too much for some
  • Average battery life


Above all Jabra Elite 75t has been already launched in India it’s available at a Price of: Rs. 14,999

Sony WH-H910N h.ear on 3 Wireless Headphones Review

Above all Sony WH-H910N h.ear on 3 Wireless Headphones are best known for it’s a Hi-Res audio experience along active noise cancellation.

Furthermore, it comes with the company’s premium options, thus technically very impressive. Along with active noise cancellation it comes with LDAC codec support, gesture controls, and many more features.

It also got a very refreshing design with a lighter footprint.

Table of content



Similarly to Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones, Sony WH-H910N headphones has same features and capabilities for most the part.

Above all it also gets touch-sensitive earcups, multiple-audio codecs, and ANC support, along with a digital voice assistant enabled.

These head phones servers you well also being very light, slim and comfortable pair of over-ear headphones

Also they are very impressive for listening to high-resolution music mixed along built-in premium noise cancellation solution.

Sony headphone also has excellent sound, distinct bass and clear balance.

Furthermore, it judge its price tag and can be said the best option in the price set.

Blind Dreams
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  • CARRYING POUCH Plug adapter for In-flight Use: NA
  • COLOR OPTIONS: black
  • VOLUME CONTROL: Touch sensor


Above all Sony WH-H910N looks and feels very similar to Song’s WH-1000XM3 with its shape and size.

The only difference is in it’s textures and embossing on the exterior.

However it is available only in one color i.e. Black, in India.

Furthermore taking about other countries it is available in 4 different whimsical two-tone colors.

Being over ear headphone, the design look very slim and easily folds inwards for storage.

Sony WH-H910N
Sony WH-H910N

Along with it you will also get a soft carry pouch, a charging cable, and a stereo cable for wired connectivity sales package .

Furthermore it weights only 251 grams which is 39 grams lighter than the previous version. Also the ear-pads can be folded at a 90-degree-angle.

Also these ear-pads has a soft to touch matte finish on the outside along brand’s name etched on both sides of the headband.


However being made up of plastic body, it is very light weighted and comfortable to wear.

This headphone has 2 buttons over the left ear cup side- one for power, and the other is a multi-function button which can be customized easily.

This multi-function button can be used for either to control noise cancellation along with ambient sound settings or to invoke the voice assistant which is paired smartphone. Also a NFC chip is housed in the left ear-cup

Sony WH-H910N
Sony WH-H910N

It also has a USB Type-C port for charging with a wired 3.5mm socket connected to left ear cup.

Similarly to  WH-1000XM3, Sony WH-H910N has a touch sensitive panel on its right ear cup for volume control and playback features.

  • Swipe up or down for volume control
  • Swipe right or left for skipping tracks
  • Furthermore double-tap for play/pauses music or answers calls.
  • For transparency mode just touch the screen with flat hand.


Above all it offer’s a balanced sonic signature, making for an affordable alternative to the WH-1000XM3. Also the sonic signature is a bit less at heavier side of bass, and connectivity is definitely more reliable.

However the sonic signature remained reliably balanced regardless of which of any device we used to connect.

Also the LDAC does not allow us to hear much of the details. and helped to listen best of any track.

Active noise cancellation on the Sony WH-H910N was very decent, it was very quite and effective.

 balanced sonic signature
balanced sonic signature

However a fair amount of ambient sound got cut out, but we were still able to listen to the humps behind the sound, which could have been neglected or removed in background.

Furthermore during voice calls we were clearly able to hear and get heard, without any distortion in both ends.


Above all Sony WH-H910N comes with great battery life.

It comes with 35 hours on a single charge without any noise cancellation and 30 hours with ANC switched on.

Furthermore they are capable of playing 30-32 hours of music playback.

 5 hours via USB Type-C cable
5 hours via USB Type-C cable

We had also seen improvement in with faster charging time from the previous model Sony XB900N.

These earphone charges fully within 5 hours via USB Type-C cable. However we recommended to use good quality charger while using it.

Also with 10 minutes of charging you can get 2 hours of playing time.



  • Larger ear-cups
  • Lightweight design makes it super comfortable
  • Touch-enabled ear-cups for easy controls
  • Support for multiple audio codecs
  • Very comfortable
  • Balanced, accommodating, and detailed sound
  • Excellent battery life
  • Decent noise cancellation
  • Good app, control
  • Well built
  • Excellent Quick Attention mode
  • Impressive audio experience
  • Companion app for advance control
  • Voice assistant support


  • A bit costly
  • No IPX certification
  • No hard carry case


It is Priced at Rs. 20,990.

It is a budget earphone, if you can scratch your pockets little bit deeper than you can go for Sony WH-1000XM4 which is about Rs. 30,000 in India.

However, it is only available online on stores like Amazon, it is not available offline on any store.

Also it have been already released in beginning of march.

However on some site like Flipkart and alibaba you can buy get around Rs3000 discount around HOLI.

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones Review

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones are the beast and cheapest truly wireless earphones?

Above all JVC is best known for its home or car audio products.

However the company have launched its new range of wired and wireless earphones, which will be pricing between Rs 799 – Rs 9,999

JVC is standing head to head with Boat and noise.

Table of content



It got some limitations but in this price it’s really incredible in this price range.

First of all it would be right to say that its the best sound paring earbuds in this price range.

It also have double amount of options than others in same price range.

We have also seen detailed sound and adaptive sonic signature, that’s really thankful in this price range.

However there are some drawbacks too such as they are using Micro-USB charging, which have been a old story now.

Furthermore they are not so good with voice calling in performance.

However if sound quality and comfort are at top of your priority, than there is nothing better than JVC HA-A10T earphones.


  • Transmission Area: Approx. 10m
  • Driver: Unit5.8mm
  • Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 16ohms
  • Power Supply: Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life/Charging time (approx.): 4h/2h(charge time)
  • Weight (without cord): Approx.0.19oz (5.2g) * one size/ Approx.42g (charging case)
  • one-button remote control & mic: remote (via Bluetooth), volume +/-, power
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (class1)
  • Supporting codec: SBC
  • Accessory: Charging case / Charging cable (micro USB) / Memoy foam ear piece : 2 pairs (small, medium) / Silicone ear piece : 3 pairs (small, medium, large)


Above all being a budget friendly phone the design is very minimal and basic.

Than too the earbuds are very good looking. Also these earphone are available in 4 different colors:

  • black
  • grey
  • pink
  • and blue

During un-boxing you will get 5 pair of ear tips, 3 are of silicon and 2 are made out of foam.

There are also 4 battery indicator lights at the front, a Micro-USB port at the back for charging, & a lid that stays shut magnetically when closed.

The case is designed bit larger but very pocket friendly size.


Taking about the size, it’s not that much large but still enough big to fit in ears anchored only by the ear tips.

Even more they tend to stick out of the ear quite a bit.

They have also used angled nozzles.

Above all they come with a different matte finish to the body of the earphones.

There is a single physical button on each earphone which controls:

  • Single press for either side for playback
  • double-press on the left to reduce the volume and on the right to raise the volume
  • you can long-press on the left for previous, on the right for next for track skipping
  • make a triple-press on the left earphone to invokes the voice assistant on a paired smartphone.

However there is no touch screen panel over it, at place of it you will find a button on it. Which you can use for nevigation.

There is also a small light on the end of each earbud and the headset uses Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, while supporting only SBC Bluetooth codec.

Furthermore this phone is IPX5-rated for water resistance. That means it will be ale to Handle sweat and light rain too.

Taking about the charging case it is made up of premium plastic and it also uses a magnet to ensure that it shut’s in place.

Audio Quality

Taking about the audio quality, it consist distortion which we can notice only at 100 per cent volume while at mid to 75 per cent of the volume, the bass output was pleasing without drowning out any other frequencies,

JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones
JVC HA-A10T True Wireless Earphones

However the overall audio quality was very pleasing.

Performance and Battery

However, there is only one microphone used and it’s in left the earbud, unlikely to other earphones.

Also there i a thing that the device will connect only to the left earbud and the right earbud will be directly connected to the left earbud.

Thus you can also chose to use only one earbud (left earbud) for phone calls and music.

Charging case
Charging case

Furthermore, the sonic signature of the HA-A10T is incredibly neutral, giving enough leeway to the mid-range and also highs while keeping the aggressive, tight bass that many listeners use to prefer.

Aggressive drum and bass track allowed the lows to take the lead for sound, without overpowering any other frequency across the range of audio.

Voice was very soft during the voice calls and it can’t e said said even any closer to good at that perspective.

Also the voice cancellation through microphone didn’t performed well, while using them in outside the person on line will be able to hear all of the loud disturbance. But in indoor’s they worked very well.


According to the claim through the company we got four hours on the earphones and an additional ten hours for the case.

Along with that we got two and a half additional charges of the earphones through the case. Which provides us 14 hours per charge cycle.



  • First of all it has Detailed sound, superb sound stage
  • Neutral, adaptive sonic signature
  • Light, comfortable
  • Foam ear tips included in the box
  • IPX5 water resistance


  • Micro-USB charging
  • Also Sound loses its edge with fast-paced tracks
  • Poor for voice calls


The JVC HA-A10T is an incredible pair of true wireless earphones for Rs. 3,999 at online, which is an incredibly low price for such a pair.

Even more for offline buyers it is a bit more that is Rs. 4,999 in India

It has been already launched in India and new more parts of the world. Similarly in America for similar price in Dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review with pros & cons, audio quality, battery

Above all, if you are thinking about buying an ear phone with tremendous features than Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be your first choice.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Also last year, the Galaxy Home was announced by the company and along with it the Gear Icon-x and Wireless ear phones were launched.

After this the company is launching the Galaxy Buds to compete with Apple’s air-pods.

Apart from the smartphone market, the company has also expanded its portfolio of other products to compete with companies in other sectors.

Samsung company, a South Korean smartphone manufacturer, launched S20, S20 +, galaxy Z FLIP at its galaxy unpacked event, in San Francisco, along with it the company has also introduced its new earphones Galaxy Buds Plus.

However, it can be said that Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an update version of Samsung Galaxy Buds, Whose design has been kept the same as the old design but some changes have been made in its features.

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Above all using these air phones with Samsung smartphones, they take outstanding performance due to top-notch use.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are tremendous which are also a bit beneficial when used with non-Samsung smartphones and tablets. 

It also seem to be more capable, flexible than the Galaxy Buds.

It would be best to pair it with Samsung S20 series smartphone’s for truly amazing results.

Furthermore, many offers have also been provided by the Samsung company on purchasing smartphones and ear birds together. 

However it lacks standout features like eliminating active noise, raising suspicion of buying or not buying it.

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  • Dimensions :  0.7×0.9×0.8 inches
  • Weight (earbuds, charging case) :   6.3g, 39.6g
  • Battery Life :  11 hours in single charge(only   Buds), 22 hours (charging case),  85mAh
  • Colors :   Red, White, Black, Blue
  • Sensor :  Accelerometer, Hall, Touch, IR
  • Compatibility :  Samsung, other Android : Android  5.0  & higher or RAM 1.5 GB or above
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0 Codec: scalable (Samsung    proprietary), SBC & AAC
  • OS  : RTOS
  • AP :  BCM43015
  • In the box :   Galaxy Buds Plus, Charging case, Charging cable (USB Type C), Earbuds, Wingtips, Ear-tips, QSG


This earphones is more powerful than before which comes with extra features and also made slightly better than before.

Furthermore after wearing them you do not feel at all that you are wearing anything in your ear.

Samsung earbuds come in smooth and circular designs.

These earphones are comfortable to wear and fit easily so that they can also be used for a long time. And if you are not comfortable with their wings, then it also comes with plain rubber wings which can be changed and used easily.


Even more the admirable things which includes are:

  • Galaxy buds plus does not hang out from your ears.
  • Even more there earphones are being made available with a luxurious finish like the Galaxy Buds instead of the normal looking matte finish.
  • Its charging case is also kept same as the previous charging case, that luxurious look.

You can also be sure what a long press gesture would do? So you can also use it to control the volume. So you can make volume adjustments through these Which includes it with very good quality earphones.

Also you get Bluetooth 5 with AAC, SBC, scalable Bluetooth codecs to connect ear phones.

Taking about aptX codec, it’s not supported yet.

These earphones support less devices other than Samsung devices. Which means that it is good to take advantage of these earphones with recent Samsung’s device.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus 3 colors are being made available in beautiful colors Black, Blue and White


  • dimensions: 0.7 x 0.9 x 0.8 inches size.
  • weight: earbuds- 0.2 ounces , Charging Case- 1.4 ounces

The front of the earphones has an indicator light and a USB Type C port for charging on the back.

Even more it comes with a subtle and stable wing device at the top of each bud that protects the earbuds in your ears. Also these earphones come with three wings pairs & silicone ear tips.

Accelerometer, IR, Hall & Touch etc type of sensor is available in Buds Plus.

Even light rain reduces the chances of the Galaxy Buds Plus of working well. Because it is rated by IPX2 as these earbuds does not support water resistance.


Samsung Buds Plus also has touch control for supported functions, which is nice and easy.

You can move to the next and previous track with touch control or also control playback.

 Samsung Buds Plus case and display
Samsung Buds Plus case and display


Above all each side of the earphone has a woofer and a twitter that covers the frequency range.

Furthermore with this it has a dual dynamic driver system. Which is a big change in the earbuds drivers and microphone.

In Galaxy Buds Plus earphones you get three microphones, two external and one internal. Which eliminate the surrounding voices, also improving the calling quality.

Along with this, all three microphones also provide better voice quality in comparison to older variant. The sound is tuned by Samsung’s subsidiary company AKG.


Above all as we have said earlier, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is a upgrade version of Samsung Galaxy Buds.

Which holds very few changes such as in some features, specifications and design.

Due to its triple microphone system for great voice call performance and also a new dual dynamic driver system that greatly enhances its sound quality.

Also a new revamp was made in Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, in which the Galaxy Buds Plus appeared to work very well on non-Samsung smartphones as well.

According to some tests, it also has a scolable Bluetooth codec similar to aptX & LDAC.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus sounded great when listening to high resolution audio track, YouTube music & streaming music with Spotify.

Furthermore the stunning sound was detailed with a great sound-stage and precise imaging for a high-resolution enhancement of “Gotye’s state of the Art”.

The elements of its frequency range also looked very good, giving a very good sound.

The track was separated into heavily auto-tuned tracks with full understanding of where its track was needed and purpose.

The scalable codec of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Buds was also quite good.  But with non-Samsung devices, its performance was not good at all.

On the other hand, the performance of non-Samsung devices was quite good with Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus compared to Samsung Galaxy Buds and its sound quality was also much better.

However, there seems to be a greater need to use Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus with Samsung devices while using the AAC codec.


Previously, the company had made a very good Galaxy wearable android app for Galaxy Buds, which was good enough.

But Samsung has made some improvements under this app for Galaxy Buds Plus. This app is also used to work for various Samsung wearable devices.

Simultaneously, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app for iOS has also been introduced by the company which provides official support for Apple devices.

Like the Galaxy Buds, the company has provided many useful features in it such as equalizer, custom touch controls and ‘Find my earbuds’ tool. Where is the ear phone via Find my earbuds tool?

This thing can be detected when it is in the range and with this, it is used for voice readout of notifications, etc. And through this app, the charging level of the case can also be shown, which is really amazing.

However, Its Spotify integration feature is quite good because songs can be played by the streaming service without any additional input under it.

You can also adjust the intensity of ambient sounds passing through your ears and In this, ambient sound mode can also be turned on.

You can also set up a voice call to hear your own voice clearly.

Even more in the voice call settings, it noted that it allows our voice to be  cleanly, keeping all external sounds separate.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black, Blue and White
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Black, Blue and White


Above all, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers solid battery life with a large 85mAh battery available under each earbuds.

A slightly larger 270mAh battery is available for the charging case.

The special thing about earphones is that they give a great battery life of up to 11 hours on single charge & An additional charge for solid battery life is also given inside it.

Furthermore, it would be fair to say that these earbuds have a solid & impressive  battery life provided by Samsung.



  • Dual-driver design
  • 11 hour built-in battery life
  • iOS compatible
  • Comfortable design and fit
  • Good sound regardless of source device
  • Detailed, rich sound with the Scalable Bluetooth codec
  • Excellent battery life on the earbuds; wireless charging
  • Great for voice calls
  • Good app, Spotify integration


  • Limited audio codec support
  • Only IPX2 splash resistant
  • No noise cancellation
  • No aptX support
  • Ambient mode sounds a bit artificial


After 1 year, the company launched the Galaxy Buds Plus at a price of ₹13990 in India along with the galaxy S20 series. Their price will be up to ₹11990 on pre-orders.

The EMI offer has also been made available by the company to purchase these earphones. Under which 564.41 ₹ month will have to be paid. whose delivery has started from March 6 in global market.

You will get ₹1999 discount on buying these air phones with Samsung Galaxy S20 series smartphone.

HiFiMan TWS600 true wireless earphones : Expert review

True Wireless HiFiMan TWS600 is Waterproof, Noise-Isolated, Sports Earphones with Mic Charging Case earphone.

First of all it is manufactured by an Chinese headphone and audio equipment manufacturer HiFiMan, who is also known for its audiophile headphones.

Above all the HiFiMAN TWS 600 comes with a great Bluetooth range, a strong battery life, and a crystal-clear listening experience.

HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600



  • specifications


First of all it looks like a misfit in the true wireless segment, taking an different approach to its r competitor

However, it comes with a clean, detailed, and balanced sound that is refreshingly different and better suited to audiophile sensibilities.

Even ore sound can be occasionally a bit high and sharp,and also bass lovers will find the lack of punch in the low-end.

This design is polarizing, and the all-plastic bodies of the units are kind of okay-okay at a price

If you love pop or classic music then these earphones are best in business

However, if you get comfortable with TWS 600 design, you may never want to switch! Until unless noise cancellation is your issue.
HiFiMan TWS600 true wireless earphones


It provides one of the best calling experiences for any wireless earphones.

While comparing to its competitors, there is no loss in audio, and the sound is crisp and clear on both sides. Also the voices and the background instruments are distinctive.

The sound can be said so much rich and vibrant. There is a good emphasis on all octaves across folk, jazz, and rock music.

HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600

However, this earphone lacks in the bass department, which is bit disappointing for an earphone at this price. TWS 600 also lacks with ‘oomph’ factor here.

Turning the volume up too high can make things a bit too sharp- the TWS600 was best used at volume levels around 50 percent.

microphone quality

Microphone quality is not good, it have been even said by HiFiMan itself and expressed some doubts about its ability to pick up our voice. Sometimes it catches lot of surrounding sounds.


Its design is not so complected at all, its case has a flip-top lid and a battery life LED indicator inside the case, near the magnetic earpiece docks.

There is also a USB-C port located at outside, and a cable for charging.

Even more it do not have any touch controls, it feels like a design that fails for high price.

HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600


HiFiMan has customized the standard Bluetooth range to an insane 490 feet – as claimed, but it looks like thats only true for open area not for building or crowded areas. In cities it works in a range 80-100 meters at most.

It also got IPX4 rating which means the earphones can withstand light splashes, like thick rain or sweat but it can not handle water pressure as for swimming or diving.


HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600
  • Above all, charging time for the earphones – 1 hour
  • And so the charging time for the charging box – 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX4 certified
  • Playback time: 5.5 Hrs + 33 Hrs
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20Khz
  • Standby Time: 110 Hrs


The sound was quite different from what we have used to expect in this segment, a very large thanks to HiFi-Man’s unique sound tuning quality and the Topology Diaphragm drivers powering the earphones.

Taking about sub-bass synth it hits and punctuate the beat that are delivered in reserve. There is a sense of the sub-bass depth, but most of what we hear is in the higher registers.

Also the attack in the sub-bass could be felt to a small extent, but we didn’t hear any special treatment in the mid-bass frequencies. Also along with the Vocals in the track definitely sound more define and clear than we have heard on any other true wireless earphones.

HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600

There was also a significant sparkle at the top that almost had us to believe these earphones are tuned for a brighter sound purpose.

It has a frequency range that delivers in 20Hz to 20kHz.

There is also a flat response sound signature that will appeal to those who are seeking accurate audio.

Even more, the mic offers mediocre intelligibility

And the mic sounded distant, and the audio was fuzzy, as is typical of wireless earphone mics.


HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600

HiFiMAN claims about 5.5 hours of battery life per charge and an extra 33 hours with the charging case on the TWS 600 and a standby time of 110 hours



  • Detailed, also balanced sound
  • Good presentation, soundstage
  • SO decent battery life
  • Good stand by time
  • Also long range
  • Water resistance


  • these was no aptX support
  • Odd design
  • Plastic build
  • Can sound a bit too bright at times
  • even more it is bad at bass


Rating from our perspective

  • Design/ comfort: 3
  • Audio quality: 4
  • Battery life: 4.5
  • Value for money: 3.5
  • Overall: 4
HiFiMan TWS600
HiFiMan TWS600


It have been already launched in India and around the world.

And launched at price of Rs. 12,999, check it on AMAZON