Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones – Review

Above all more than German Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones Blaupunkt is best known for its car audio products.

Due to the Qualcomm aptX Bluetooth codec, it promises better sound quality when used with a compatible device. Also it has something more to justify its high price.

Even more it has said to better and more costly than  BTW-01 true wireless earphones, which was once considered to be the best truly wireless earphone.

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However, Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones are not as good as Blaupunkt BTW-01.

Some of us will surely love its punchy low-end BASS, however some of us might find it boomy.

Battery life is very good for true wireless earphones.

Furthermore it is mid-range device with decent sound quality and decent design.

While all that, we also find they are not so comfortable to wear, when you are using them for a run or even for jogging. There was a slight fear of their failing due to not so good grip

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  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP and AVRCP
  • Operating distance: 10 meters
  • Working time: (one earbud) Up to 10 hours (maximum volume) Up to 13 hours (50% volume) Working time (two earbuds) Up to 9 hours (maximum volume) Up to 12 hours (50% volume)
  • Standby time: About 130 hours Charging time for earbud About 1.5 hours
  • Charging time for case: About 1.5 hours Cycle count of the charging case to charge the earbuds More than 2 times Charging input for case USB charging: DC5.0V 500mA
  • Weight One earbud: 6.5g Charging case: 44.2g
  • Measure Earbud: 42*22.4*23mm


Above all taking about its design, one thing is clear that Blaupunkt BTW never had design on its side.

After the launch of Blaupunkt BTW -01 everyone accepted to have Blaupunkt BTW pro t be a better version in terms of design, because the older one just had very cheeping looking double plastic body design.

Similarly for Blaupunkt BTW Pro the degin is no good. And even more costly.

Although it look very much inspired by Apple AirPods, having similar stems as AirPods. Even more there is a primary microphone at the bottom along a second microphone near the top of each.

These earphone got a in-canal fit, but didn’t fit well in ears, while it gives good noise cancellation.

Taking about its color’s it is available only in BLACK color on AMAZON.IN


Above all these earbuds comes with  IPX7-rating for water resistance, which mean you don’t have to worry while playing in mud or swimming or even your dives for long duration.

Even more the dual-microphone have been proven to be great deal as they performed very good and they have also used environment noise cancellation.

Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones
Blaupunkt BTW Pro True Wireless Earphones

The charging case is made up of plastic, the earbuds fits well snugly inside the case. There is also an small light outside the case to indicate charging status outside the box.

However the world have moved towards wireless charging even than they had stick to micro-USB charging pot. Which seems like a drawback according the new genrations.

Furthermore, we will find Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, and supporting with the Qualcomm aptX and SBC Bluetooth codecs. There is also lack of support through Acc which is odd.

That means they support Android phones very well which widely support the aptX codec.


Above all on the outer side we have a touch screen sensor which allows us to control, playback and volume on the Blaupunkt BTW Pro.

Furthermore a single touch is enough to adjust volume on both the sides. While use double tap for play/pause music.

However to play next/previous song just long tap at the screen.

You can also activate the voice command by a triple tap on the right side, the controls are very easy to remember and its rightly advantageous to able to control the commands through the earphone.

Audio Quality

Sound is not pleasing.

It sometimes was very boomy whereas sometimes. The noise-cancellation feature is at top-notch and doesn’t allow even minutest of the ambient sounds to enter.

Microphones worked very well, the sound quality was also crystal clear.

Performance and Battery

Also you can use the earbuds independently as without using the another. For this we have to Pair both earbuds to mobile/phone separately.

However sometimes you will find some distortion too in the connection, sometimes only one will get connected. Even when you are trying to connect both the earbuds due to already stable separate connections.

Otherwise they connects pretty fast in connection and stable too.


Battery life is really massive it can last for seven hours at a high volume level before even needing to be charged.

Charging Case is gas good back up it can provide charging up to 3 times which can make the earbuds last for around 28 hours.



  • Good TOUCH SCREEN controls
  • Awesome battery life
  • IPX7 water resistance
  • aptX made for detailed sound
  • Noise Cancellation
  • High Bass
  • Dual Mic


  • Bass is excessive and overpowering
  • Average design
  • awkward fit
  • No AAC codec support


Priced at Rs. 6,999, the Blaupunkt BTW Pro is more expensive than BTW-01, which were priced at less than Rs. 5,000

They have been launched already and are available over, click here to check

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